Research School

MF oversees one research school (RVS) and co-owns  another (ATTR). Together, these two research schools compose the main  fields of focus at MF within Religious Studies.

The Research School Religion, Values and Society (RVS) focuses on religion, society, and values, and highlights the interaction among the different components in its field of specialty.

The Research School Authoritative Texts and their Reception: National Research School in Textual Interpretation (ATTR) is for Ph.D. students who work with authoritative texts and their interpretation as well as their reception history.

These two research schools are:

  • Religion, Values, and Society (RVS)
  • Authoritative Texts and Their Reception (ATTR)

In 2009, MF established a new network research school together with a variety of academic institutions which  maintain research in the field of Religion, Values, and Society (RVS). Currently, there are 11 institutions participating in this research endeavour - both national and international academic institutions.

From 2015 onwards, MF is also co-owner of another research school that focuses on authoritative texts and their interpretation as well as their reception history (ATTR). The Norwegian universities within humanities, theology, religious studies, and law are also part of this research school. From 2015, both research schools (RVS and ATTR) have the support from The Research Council of Norway (NFR).

The Research Schools:

  • Strengthen the institutions’ opportunities for their PhD students.
  • Ensures a better use of resources in the field.

These research schools have their own websites, where you will find an overview of upcoming courses and registration forms: RVS website - ATTR website.

Contacts at MF:


Geir Afdal, Supervisor. E-mail:


Liv Ingeborg Lied, Board Member. E-mail: