Ph.D. Courses and Dissertation Seminars

Fall 2021

Empirical Studies: Qualiative Methods (5 stp/ECTS; MET920C/MET903)
6 - 10 September

The Status and Challenges of Systematic Theology Today (5stp/ECTS; PhD930ST)
17 and 20 September

Theory of Science and Research Ethics (5 stp/ECTS; PhD901AB/VIT901)
25 - 29 October

The Discipline of Psychology of Religion and Existential Psychology in Theory and Practical PhD-Research (5 stp/ECTS; PhD930A Psych. of Religion)
29 November - 1 December

PhD Thesis Seminar (parts of the PhD theses)
2 - 3 December

Spring 2022

Historical and Exegetical Methods:
Text, Materiality, and Context 
(5 stp/ECTS; MET910A/MET902A)

PhD Thesis Seminar (parts of the PhD theses)
28 - 29 April

External PhD Courses and Seminars

Relevant courses and seminars from institutions and conferences held nationally and internationally can be accepted as substitute for part of the candidate’s academic training
Research networks:

Religion, Values, and Society

Nordic Network for Doctoral Training in Theology and Religion

Global Network of Research Centers for Theology, Religious and Christian Studies

OTSEM - Old Testament Studies: Epistemologies and Methods

NordForsk, Nordic Research Academy

Finnish Graduate School of Theology

Relevant webpages:

PhD On Track

Seminaret i vitenskapsteori UiO (The Seminar in Philosophy of Science)
Senter for vitenskapsteori UiB (Centre for Philosophy of Science)