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The three pillars of MF’s activities are education, research, and dissemination. A goal of the Quality Reform has been to increase the higher education institutions’ overall relevance to society

"Dissemination is a part of a university’s orcollege’s social mission; and next to education, research and development, dissemination is often referred to as the third assignment. Institutions shall provide information about their activities, and spread understanding scientific and artistic methods and results, in public administration, culture, and the private sector. Institutions will also help to spread and disseminate the results of research and academic and artistic development work, contribute to innovation and formation of values, and facilitate the institution's staff and students’ participation in public debate.

The target groups of the institutions’ dissemination activities are the other disciplines, cultural, work and economic live as well as the public. "(Report no. 7 (2007-2008), Chap. 6.3.1)