Facilitation of special needs

MF aims to facilitate for students with special needs as far as is practically possible and academically permissible so that this group of students is given an equal learning and study environment. 

If you have any special needs requirements, contact:

E-mail: Tilrettelegging@mf.no
Tel.: 22 59 06 37
Torunn Johansen (room 363)

The student counsellors will also be able to answer questions concerning special needs. This includes the following: 
- Information about curriculum audio books (NLB).
- Information about interpretation for the deaf and hard-of-hearing.
- Parking permit application form for students with impaired mobility (pdf) 
(application deadline September 1st/February 1st)

Evacuation and registration of presence: 

Students with special needs can request an individual plan in case of evacuation of the building. Please contact Nadia Sand (nadia.sand@mf.no) in order to assess your needs.

Students who are either using a wheelchair or are dependent on a lift, are obliged to register their presence at the reception in the 1st floor upon arrival as well as when leaving the building. This is due to evacuation routines.