Withdrawing from an exam

Information about how to withdraw prior to an exam or during an exam

NB: Note the distinction between withdrawing prior to an exam and withdrawing during an exam.


Withdrawing prior to an exam

You can withdraw prior to an exam if you wish. This is done in StudentWeb from the tab «My active courses». Mark the course you wish to withdraw from and click the button «Withdraw from exam».

If you do not withdraw and do not show up for an exam, you will use one out of three exam attempts in the course. Withdrawal prior to an exam does not count as an exam attempt but does not give the right to register for the new exam.

The deadline for withdrawal is:

  • November 1st / May 1st for exams scheduled during the main exams periods: November 15th–December 15th (autumn semester) and May 15th–June 15th (spring semester).
  • Fourteen days before the examination day for exams scheduled outside the main exam periods. Home exam: 14 days before the exam is given. Written assignment: 14 days before the submission deadline.
  • For the new and deferred exams, see separate deadlines.

Withdrawing during an exam

You can withdraw during an ongoing exam. Withdrawing during an exam is the same as a failed exam, and counts as one exam attempt. Withdrawing during an exam gives the same rights to take the new exam as not passing their exam. On a written exam, you withdraw by filling out a form given to you by the exam supervisor. On home exams in WISEflow, you withdraw by choosing "Hand in blank" under submission. It is not possible to withdraw from the submission of essays.