Oral exams

Information about oral exams.

Exam dates can be found on StudentWeb and in the course catalogue. A list of all exams is available here. Exams are normally arranged November 15th - December 15th (Autumn semester) and May 15th - June 15th (Spring semester). Exam dates will normally be available by the start of each semester.

The exam location and the exact time of the exam are published on the front page of StudentWeb (see the information column), no later than 3 days before the exam. Normally it is published at least one week before the exam. On the day of the exam a list in MF’s reception will also inform about the location and time of the exam.

The use of examination support material is permitted on some written exams. Please confer the top of the course description to see if it applies to your exam. See the overview of allowable aids for exams (pdf) for more information. List F, F2 and F3 deals with courses taught in English.