Explanation and Appeal

Explanation for and appeal on a given grade.

Explanation for a given grade

Students may ask for an explanation of a given grade. Explanations are short and present the general principles underlying the assessment.

Enquiries about an explanation must be addressed to explanation@mf.no.

The deadline for asking for an explanation is one week from the release of the examination result in StudentWeb. On oral exams students must ask for an explanation directly to the examiners immediately after the grade is given.

The enquiry must include: The students name, the course code, the exam form, and the candidate number. This information is available in the results tab in StudentWeb.

The processing deadline is normally two weeks.


Appeal on a grade/formal error

Student can appeal a given grade. It is recommended to ask for an explanation before an appeal is made.

Appeals on grades must be given in writing on the following form: Appeal on grade awarded. Appeals are sent to MF (address below) or delivered to the student reception at MF.

The deadline for making an appeal is three weeks after the grade has been published or alternatively three weeks after an explanation is given.

An appeal will be dealt with anonymously. The exam submission is assessed by two new examiners who are not informed about the original grade. The new grade can be either the same, higher, or lower than the original, and replaces the original whatever the outcome. The student may not appeal the new grade, cf. Act relating to universities and university colleges § 5-3.

The result of the appeal will be given in writing. The processing deadline is normally three weeks after the deadline for making an appeal expired.

If the result from an appeal is not received within the deadline for registering for a new exam, and you have the right to register for the exam due to failing, we advise that you register for the new exam.

Appeals on formal errors are regulated by Act relating to universities and university colleges § 5-2. Any such appeal must be given in writing to MF (address below).



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