Practical Information

Here you can find practical information that you need as a student at MF.

Shortcuts:  Canvas  |  StudentWeb  |  Time schedule  |  Office 365

The schedule is available in our website. Here is the step-by-step manual.

NB: There may be changes in the schedule as well as additional information that are only available on Canvas. Each student is responsible for keeping themselves up to date

Student user account
To get the login information for your user account, you have to bring a valid ID to the student reception on the 3rd floor. Remember, you have to activate your account at before you get access to Canvas or WiFi. You can find more information about your user account here.

Canvas is the electronic learning platform that MF uses. This is being actively used in teaching, and it is important that our students are familiar with Canvas and its features.

Canvas student tutorial

Information from teachers and the student administration
Information throughout the semester will primarily be provided on Canvas, which is the faculty’s online learning tool. All students must frequently log on to Canvas in order to get access to the online "rooms" and respective courses. Remember to register at Student Web and pay the semester fee. If you don't have access to Canvas (and relevant online course rooms) after the semester starts, please contact the Student Reception on the 3rd floor. In addition, you'll find a lot of important information posted on the board at the main entrance.

Information by e-mail
Another tool used to send information is e-mail. All students will get a personal e-mail address at MF, if you provided a personal e-mail address in Student Web, all e-mails will be forwarded to that address. You have to activate your user account (see previous section) before this forwarding will work, it is highly important that you do this, otherwise you may miss important information. If you need to send e-mail from the adress you may do so using webmail.

Whom to ask
If you have any questions of an academic nature, please contact your teacher or course coordinator/adviser. The course coordinator/adviser is responsible for operating particular courses. If you have any questions concerning course selection, the program schedule, course descriptions, or academic programs, a student adviser would be happy to help you. See here for student advisors.

Questions regarding technical issues, exams, semester registration, and the Student Loan Fund, should be directed to the Student Reception on the 3rd floor.