About the Programme

Our PhD programme aims to train researchers with expertise in scholarly analysis as well as the formation of hypotheses and theories.

The PhD programme at MF will qualify you for research work at international standards, as well as for other work that requires a high level of academic insight and analytical thinking.

The programme comprises 180 credits (normally 3 years of study). This includes a doctoral dissertation (150 credits) and research training (30 credits). The dissertation must be an independent scholarly work meeting international standards with regard to ethics, academic level, and methodology in the field. It must contribute to the development of new knowledge and be at the level required for publication as scientific literature in its field.

The research training portion of the PhD programme at MF consists of several courses. Seminars and classes belonging to each course will partly be held at MF, partly through national cooperation, and partly through international cooperation. Most classes are taken at MF, but when applied for,  credit can be given for courses taken at other institutions. Earning credit for a course requires active participation, course work, preparation and reading in connection with the classes.

1 credit (ECTS = European Credit Transfer System) corresponds to 25-30 hours of study work done by the student. 3 credits is equivalent to 2 weeks of studying.

The PhD/research training programme conforms to the  Regulations for the PhD degree at MF Norwegian School of Theology (in effect from 01.08.2012).

See the complete programme details here: Programme description (PDF).