Portrait of Solvor M. Lauritzen

The Research Council of Norway has allocated NOK 8 million to Associate Professor Solvor Mjøberg Lauritzens's research project MEMOROBIA. The research project addresses the legacy and memorialisation of Robia: Romani enslavement in territories of contemporary Romania.

Daniela Lucia Rapisarda is postdoctoral research fellow at MF.

In what ways do understandings of the suffering of Jesus relate to how traumatized people understand their own suffering?

Brent Nongbri and manuscript

– How should we deal with manuscripts and other artefacts that appear on the antiquities market without archaeological provenance, asks professor Brent Nongbri.

Merethe Skårås - Utdanning i Sør Sudan

– History classes in South Sudan present the former enemies in the north in exclusively negative forms of expression, says Associate Professor Merethe Skårås. 

Sturla Stålsett

– Diaconia research should not be first and foremost understood as research on diaconia. Rather, we should view it as diaconal action in itself, says professor Sturla Stålsett. 

Roar G. Fotland about Norwegian Missionaries in Zimbabwe

– Norwegian missionaries in Zimbabwe brought with them many positive things. But some missionaries had unmistakable racist attitudes, says Roar G. Fotland. 

Karl Olav Sandnes about Paulus

The Apostle Paul's view of the Mosaic law is disputed among interpreters of Paul. Professor Karl Olav Sandnes' research is a contribution to this debate.


Associate professor Tron Fagermoen studies what type of language the church should use when participating in public debate.

Solvor Mjøberg Lauritzen studies Roma - Romani people - in Romania, and their education

– Education researchers have contributed to creating and sustaining flawed notions about Romas education situation, says Solvor Mjøberg Lauritzen.

Asle Eikrem, professor

- Who and how many should we let into Norway, and on the basis of which criteria, asks MF-professor Asle Eikrem.