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MF offers MA studies in Theology, Religion and Social Science.
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Brent Nongbri and manuscript

The Research Council of Norway has allocated NOK 11.7 million to Professor Brent Nongbri's research project EthiCodex. The research project addresses the history of the early codex and aims to develop a new methodology and ethics for manuscript studies.

Bilder av de kvinnelige professorene på MF

In 15 years, MF has gone from 0 to 42 % female professors.

Blossom Stefaniw

Dr. Blossom Stefaniw will join MF as Professor of the Intellectual History of Christianity in February 2021.

Gina Lende og telt-leir

MF is taking part in a new, large, international research project that will investigate how Muslim humanitarian agencies operate in areas of crisis, and how different Muslim organizations, philanthropists and government initiatives cooperate on this work across national boundaries.

Bilde av MF

Here is an overview of some of the most important things that affect you as a student while MF is closed because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Logo på fasaden

We are looking for you who would like to consolidate and develop MFs key role in Nordic and European Psychology of Religion, by announcing a 100% position as Professor/Associate professor in Psychology of Religion.


All physical teaching activities at MF are cancelled until further notice. The entire building is closed to students and visitors.

MF CASRs tirsdagslunsj

New venue for the MF CASR lunches: The library on the 2nd floor! 

Brent Nongbri, Sami Al Daghistani and Mary Jane Cuyler

This semester we have welcomed three new international scholars to our faculty: Brent Nongbri, Sami Al Daghistani and Mary Jane Cuyler.