cirafesi and ruins at capernaum

On 1 January, MF welcomed Postdoctoral Fellow Wally Cirafesi, and joined the MF CASR community.

Karl Olav Sandnes about Paulus

The Apostle Paul's view of the Mosaic law is disputed among interpreters of Paul. Professor Karl Olav Sandnes' research is a contribution to this debate.

Leader of MF CASR - Iselin Frydenlund

"We are beginning to attract attention within international research contexts, and we are aware of great interest in several of the centre's projects," says CASR director Iselin Frydenlund. 


Associate professor Tron Fagermoen studies what type of language the church should use when participating in public debate.

Solvor Mjøberg Lauritzen studies Roma - Romani people - in Romania, and their education

– Education researchers have contributed to creating and sustaining flawed notions about Romas education situation, says Solvor Mjøberg Lauritzen.

Asle Eikrem, professor

- Who and how many should we let into Norway, and on the basis of which criteria, asks MF-professor Asle Eikrem.

Victor Ghica får ERC-midler

MF Professor Victor Ghica will lead a project that will shed new light on how Christianity rose to prominence in the Roman Empire during the fourth century.

Maria Ledstam

– When religion and work are intertwined, it can be a positive experience. But for some, it can also feel like a way for employers to exploit a worker's loyalty, says MF research fellow Maria Ledstam.

Vidar Haanes og Jürgen Moltmann

Professor Jürgen Moltmann visited MF and received the honorary doctoral degree, Doctor Theologiae Honoris Causa, 25. sept. 2018. Did you miss it? See video recordings of his lectures and the panel discussion here.


Professor Jürgen Moltmann visits MF 25. and 26. September.