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Here is an overview of some of the most important things that affect you as a student while MF is closed because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

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We are looking for you who would like to consolidate and develop MFs key role in Nordic and European Psychology of Religion, by announcing a 100% position as Professor/Associate professor in Psychology of Religion.


All physical teaching activities at MF are cancelled until further notice. The entire building is closed to students and visitors.

Daniela Lucia Rapisarda is postdoctoral research fellow at MF.

In what ways do understandings of the suffering of Jesus relate to how traumatized people understand their own suffering?

Brent Nongbri and manuscript

– How should we deal with manuscripts and other artefacts that appear on the antiquities market without archaeological provenance, asks professor Brent Nongbri.

MF CASRs tirsdagslunsj

New venue for the MF CASR lunches: The library on the 2nd floor! 

Merethe Skårås - Utdanning i Sør Sudan

– History classes in South Sudan present the former enemies in the north in exclusively negative forms of expression, says Associate Professor Merethe Skårås. 

Brent Nongbri, Sami Al Daghistani and Mary Jane Cuyler

This semester we have welcomed three new international scholars to our faculty: Brent Nongbri, Sami Al Daghistani and Mary Jane Cuyler.

New doctoral research fellows: Leni Mjåland. Espen Gilsvik og Esther Tenberg

Three new doctoral research fellows began at MF this August. Here they give a short presentation of the projects they will be working on in the next few years.

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