Prof. Dr. Karl W. Weyde turns 70

Prof. Dr. Karl William Weyde turns 70 and will give his farewell lecture on Monday 22 May 2017. 


22.05.2017 - 10:00 to 16:15


10:00–10:30: Greeting by Rector Prof. Dr. Vidar L. Haanes
• Presentation of Prof. Weyde’s scholarship by Prof. Dr. Corinna Körting (University of Hamburg)

10:30–11:30: Prof. Dr. Karl William Weyde:
 “Is God a Violent God? Conceptions of God in the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament” (45 mins)
Read t​he handout here.

Questions & Discussion (15 mins)

11:30–12:30: LUNCH (meals can be bought in MF’s cafeteria)

Seminar: “The Hebrew Bible: Between Rhetorical and Historical Interpretations”

12:30–13:30: Asst Prof. Dr. Hanne Løland Levinson (University of Minnesota): 
“‘If This is the Way You are Going to Treat me, Kill Me Now!’ Death Wish as Negotiation Strategy in the Hebrew Bible” (45 mins)

Questions & Discussion (15 mins)

13:45–14:45: Prof. Dr. Torleif Elgvin (NLA University College, Oslo):
“The Growing Hasmonean Kingdom – The Historical Context of the Song of Songs” (45 mins)

Questions & Discussion (15 mins)

15:00–16:00: Prof. Dr. Bernard M. Levinson (University of Minnesota):
“‘And He Wrote on the Tablets the Words of the Covenant’: Writing, Rewriting, and the Trope of Revelation in Exodus 34” (45 mins)

Questions & Discussion (15 mins)

16:00–16:10: Concluding Remarks

All are most welcome!