2005 Borerigg i Lofoten

Photo Credit: Rolf Groven

MF CASR Tuesday Lunch with Marion Grau

Prof. Marion Grau discusses Norway's petroculture: "Anointed with Oil: Norway between Petromania and Sustainability".


06.11.2018 - 11:30 to 12:00

Norway's signing of the Paris Agreement was hailed at home as a victory. At the same time, the Norwegian government continued to roll out a new round of petroleum concessions for the Barents Sea. This paradoxical approach of the oil-rich nation Norway, a leader in green technology but at the same unapologetically pushing unprofitable and dangerous searches for oil in the Far North confounds an increasing number of the Norwegian public. Artists, writers, religious groups, scholars of law and environmental activists have formulated a discourse of resistance against this denialist approach to climate change.

In 2017, a coalition of NGOs sued the Norwegian state about a paragraph in the Norwegian constitution that calls on the government to ensure a livable environment for future generations. 
Norway can serve as a case study of how difficult it is even in a functional democracy with enough resources to actually move towards a post-Petroleum future. During the Klimasøksmål Arktis, many of these narratives were activated in public discourse both nationally and internationally. This paper maps some of these imaginaries as they have manifested during this lawsuit. One imaginary of petroculture is that of oil functions as a type of sacrament that anoints the communities it connects, moves, and empowers. This sacrament has become seemingly indispensable and life without this sacramental system unimaginable. What sources for an imaginary after petroleum can be wrought from this particular petroculture? 

This seminar will be in English. Discussion in English and Norwegian.
11.30-12.00 in room 478. 

All are welcome!