Ritual enactment of Viṣṇu's appearance in the Varadarāja temple during the Pallavotsava festival (© Ute Hüsken)

MF CASR Lunch with Ute Hüsken

A New Approach to Hindu Temple Legends in South India


07.09.2021 - 11:30
Ute Hüsken

Please join us for this MF CASR Lunch in person at the MF Library, or watch on Zoom.  (Click here for the Zoom link.)

Through the example of the spring festival Pallavotsava I will illustrate the background and aims of the planned long-term project “Hindu Temple Legends in South India”. This project shall produce open-access digital editions with English translations of the corpus of pre-modern temple legends (Sanskrit: sthalamāhātmya, ca. 15th to 19th centuries) of the South Indian temple city of Kanchipuram. The editions will be interlinked with a dataset that documents oral, performative, and material versions of some of the narratives (images of iconography and architexture, video recordings of rituals, recordings of oral retellings) within a unified, flexible and non-hierarchical digital framework. The interlinking of the different types of data will serve as both a tool and a methodology, opening up new ways of preserving, accessing and understanding tangible and intangible cultural heritage as it is transmitted and lived.