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MF CASR Lunch with Marion Grau

What is Constructive Theology, really?


16.03.2021 - 11:30 to 12:00

Marion Grau found that question difficult to answer for her students in classes called Constructive Theology. How does one “do” Constructive Theology? Often the answer felt like just a collection of attributes with no clear cohesion, history or methodology. More and more people working in theology began to use the term “Constructive Theology” instead of, or in addition to “Systematic Theology,” and it began to show up in unexpected places but without an understanding of its history and impulses. It seemed increasingly important to distinguish the terms and their histories and approaches from each other.

Together with Jason Wyman, who wrote a history of the development of Constructive Theology primarily in the US, Grau set about to co-edit a volume that would gather exemplary essays from theologians both in the US and further afield, in Europe and elsewhere.

The contributors apply a constructive perspective to a wide range of approaches, from biblical hermeneutics and postcolonial studies to comparative, political, and black theology. What is Constructive Theology? shows how diverse and interdisciplinary constructive theology can be by exploring key themes in the field. The contributors explore the porous boundaries between Christianity and other religions, reflect on contextual, liberation and constructive theologies from Africa and from Black British perspectives, explore the connection between embodiment, epistemology and hermeneutics, and take a constructive approach to the dangerous memories and theologies of colonial histories in Belgium and Native Americans in the United States.

Marion Grau, Professor of Systematic Theology, Ecumenism, and Missiology, MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society

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