fresco from monastery of st. antony

Photo Credit: Hugo Lundhaug, taken at the Monastery of St. Antony, Egypt

MF CASR Lunch with Hugo Lundhaug

Storyworlds in Transition: Coptic Apocrypha Through the Ages


13.10.2020 - 11:30 to 12:00

This talk will give an introduction to the ERC-CoG project APOCRYPHA, which studies the development of apocryphal texts and traditions, preserved in the Coptic language, throughout the period of Coptic literary production.

This MF CASR Lunch will take place in-person at the MF Library (2nd Floor, between Rows 5&6) in accordance with Norwegian Institute of Public Health guidelines and MF's own current protocols. It will also be possible to participate virtually by using this link. If you are symptomatic, under quarantine, or at-risk, please join us that way for the time being.