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Photo Credit: Blossom Stefaniw and University of California Press

MF CASR Lunch with Blossom Stefaniw

Manuscript Finds and Ancient Pedagogy: Problems and Experiments in Writing about the Tura Papyri


27.10.2020 - 11:30 to 12:00

In working on her most recent book, Stefaniw found herself in the middle of a small bramble of problems. How do we write about a manuscript find without repeating racist and orientalizing tropes? How do we write about Christian pedagogy in late antiquity without assuming reading the Bible then was like reading the Bible now? And how do we write about new perspectives on early Christian knowledge practices without simply arguing back and forth with the old perspectives? Her book attempts to answer these three questions. The material she is worked with comes from several codices, mostly associated with Didymus the Blind, found at Tura (near Cairo) in 1941.

This MF CASR Lunch will take place in-person at the MF Library (2nd Floor, between Rows 5&6) in accordance with Norwegian Institute of Public Health guidelines and MF's own current protocols. It will also be possible to participate virtually by using this link. If you are symptomatic, under quarantine, or at-risk, please join us that way for the time being.