Events 2015


Are you considering to study further at MF after you finish your current degree or course? Then this event is relevant for you!


Master in Christian Studies Kristin Graff-Kallevåg will give the trial lecture and her public defense for the degree of PhD.

26.01.2015 to 30.01.2015

Welcome to the Mission Week 2015, at MF (26-29/01/2015). The main theme is "Church and Empowerment" with a special focus on women and ethnic minorities in India.



Cand.theol., Anne Austad, will give the trial lecture and her public defense for the degree of PhD.

Students at MF



Monday, 9th January: Semester Opening

10:00h Semester Opening Worship at Majorstuen Church
Snacks and Coffee at MF
12:15h Semester Opening
14:00 Welcome for new students Auditorium 4 (general welcome to Exchange students)
- 14:15, information meeting for Exchange students, room 426