Alhambra, Esther Brownsmith

MF CASR Lunches for Spring 2022

MF CASR announces line-up of lunch lectures for Spring 2022

We are looking forward to a dynamic schedule of expert speakers this Spring!  Join us in the MF library every Tuesday for a new conversation.


1 February: Silje Lyngar Einarsen, Haṭhayoga i et nytt lys

8 February: Christian Bull, The Hermetic Sciences in the Way of Hermes: Worldview and Practices

15 February: Jorunn Økland, Early Christian Women along the Trade Routes of the Roman Empire

22 February: WINTERBREAK



1 March: Sami al-Daghistani, The Polyvalence of Islamic Economic Traditions

8 March: K. Soraya Batmanghelichi, Book Talk: Revolutionary Bodies: Technologies of Gender, Sex, and Self in Contemporary Iran

15 March: Tone Stangeland Kaufman and Kristin Graff-Kallevåg, Young People's Theologizing as Ordinary Theology - A Challenge to Academic and Ecclesial Theology?

22 March: Hanna Tervanotko, Female Figures and Shadow Libraries (co-organized with the Books Known Only by Title project)

29 March: Hanne Løland Levinson, The Bible in the Dystopian World



5 April: Esther Brownsmith, Boiled Bread and Steamy Metaphors in a Biblical Rape Narrative


20 April: Julie Monchamp, Ceramics from the Early Christian period in Egypt

26 April: Terje Emberland, Konspirasjonsteorier – en fare for demokratiet?



3 May: Audun Toft: Religion i NRK: Medialisering av religionsundervisning 2.0

10 May: Gard Granerød, The Enigmatic Powerful Word AGLA in Jewish Mystical Texts and Scandinavian Medieval Inscriptions: A Case of Interreligious Borrowing?


24 May: Victor Ghica, The Archaeology of Fourth-Century Christianity in Egypt and DEChriM’s Work Packages

31 May: Fredrik Saxegaard, Funeral Logics in a Church of Norway Context: Presenting a Research Project



7 June: Alexandra Konstantinidou, Digging in the Desert: Some Thoughts on Monastic Archaeology in Egypt

14 June: Jesse Ophoff, Augustine on the Material Turn: Seeing and Hearing in De doctrina christiana