History of Religions picture from Jerusalem

Master of History of Religions

Welcome as a student at MF!


Brent Nongbri
Programme leader
E-mail: brent.nongbri@mf.no
Phone No.: +47 22 59 06 17


Marthe Bogen  
E-mail: religion@mf.no
Phone No.: +47 22 59 05 64

We are looking forward to seeing you in August when the semester commences. The students in this programme are invited to MF on Monday 12 August at 10.00 am for registration. There will be an information meeting at 12.30 pm, where you will get important information about the programme structure and will have the opportunity to meet both teachers and administrative staff. The introductory lectures start the same week.

The official opening of the semester will take place on Wednesday 14 August from 10.00 am.

We hope that you will find this programme interesting. Analysing the dynamic of exchanges and mutual influence between various religions is particularly important nowadays when religious conflict tends to be emphasised in media and common perception. The very diverse cultural and religious background of this year’s cohort is an asset, very much in line with the focus of the programme itself. Feel free to step into the reflection we try to launch about the interdependence of religious traditions.

Again, we welcome you and look forward to meeting you soon!