Visiting Sholars at MF

Autumn 2021

Oddvar Johan Jensen is a professor of theology and active within the fields of systematic theology, ethics and chuch history.

Autumn 2020

Siiri Toiviainen Rø, PhD, works on patristics/early Christian studies, with a focus on ethics and anthropology particularly in the fourth century. Toiviainen Rø obtained her PhD in Historical Theology from the University of Durham in January 2018. Her thesis explored the links between pleasure, sin, and the good life in the works of Gregory of Nyssa. She is currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Centre of Excellence in Reason and Religious Recognition at the University of Helsinki. Toiviainens Rø’s project while at MF focused on the receptions of anti-Epicurean polemics in early Christian literature.

I am excited about the depth and breadth of early Christian scholarship at MF. During my visit, I am hoping to complete my manuscript on Gregory of Nyssa’s view of pleasure and enjoyment as components of the Christian life. I am also finishing a translation of 1 Clement, which will be a part of the new Finnish translation of the Apostolic Fathers.

Doctoral Student Ted Erho spent six months as a visiting scholar at MF from the 15th of March to the 15th of September 2020. He is working towards a Ph.D. in Theology & Religion at Durham University, UK. In his dissertation thesis Erho examines Antiquarian Prophecy in Babylonia and Israel based on ancient manuscripts. 

Autumn 2019

Doctoral student Karin Rubenson is a candidate in ecclesiology at Uppsala University. She visited MF as a guest researcher from September to December 2019.

My research focus is the relation between children and lithurgy. My material is predominantly empirical, consisting of interviews with children and adults from different congregations withing the Swedish church. In my analyses I combine empirical findings with theoretical material from the fields of theology, critical childhood studies and comparative children’s literature.