Kollasj med skjermbilder fra masterbloggen

What are the master's students researching?

– For a long time, I've been thinking about the fact that research done by master's students gets much too little attention, says Marielle Stigum Gleiss. She is associate professor of human geography at MF Norwegian School of Theology, Religion and Society. This year she has given master's students a new opportunity to shine.

MF's master's blog

The blog is written by master's students at MF as a part of the course MET5010 Qualitative Research Methods

The blog was initiated by associate professor Marielle Stigum Gleiss.

Visit the blog (posts in both Norwegian and English)

At MF's master's blog, you can now read about some of the best master's theses from MF the past few years. This year's master's class has written the posts. 

At the master's blog, students write about theses in pedagogics, religion in contemporary society, and theology. There is a wide variety of topics the students have researched - everything from creativity at school to women's struggle for justice in Iran, and the possibility of counselling via chat.

Student's Research Deserves More Attention

The texts presented on the blog are based on exceptionally good master's theses written by skilled students, the MF teacher tells us. 

Writing a master's thesis can be a demanding process. You work with the material on your own and have to invest both time, effort and your own creativity.

– Students deserve to have their theses read by more than just those who graded them. The goal of reading others' theses is to gain insight into how others have met the challenges that writing a thesis presents, says Gleiss.
In this way, students become familiar with the genre and gain experience with the scope of a master's project.

Reading Others' Theses Can Spawn Good Ideas

Andreas Spæren is one of three authors behind the blog post on the role of Buddhism in Aung San Suu Kyi's politics in Myanmar. When asked whether he got some inspiration from the master's thesis they presented, he answers:
– The lessons I have learned from reading the finished master's thesis have mainly been of a more structural and stylistic nature.
He himself plans on investigating questions related to Islamophobia in the master's thesis he will soon begin.

Co-author Magnhild Salater-Daljord is also planning on looking into something quite different than democratic challenges in Myanmar. She is planning on a master's thesis on the consequences of closed churches during the COVID-19 pandemic.
– My own field is quite far from the connection of democracy and Buddhism, but I get small ideas from most of what I read, says Salater-Daljord.

You can find Andreas’ and Magnhild's blog post on MF's master's blog.

You can read several good master's theses from MF in our online archive.

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