Bilde av MF

Questions and answers related to MF being closed

Here is an overview of some of the most important things that affect you as a student while MF is closed because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Is all course instruction cancelled? 
Classroom instruction and teaching in auditoriums is cancelled. In several courses, digital instruction is now offered. You will find updated information on your courses/studies on Canvas.

What is going to happen with exams? 
Changes will be made in the form of exam for courses that have sit-down or oral exams. You will find updated information on the forms of exam for your courses/studies on Canvas. 

Will I still receive advising? 
Advising will be carried out digitally (telephone, Zoom, Skype or e-mail). ​

What is the video conferencing tool Zoom? 
MF has acquired Zoom-licensing for alle students and employees. This is one of several good digital tools available now for instruction, meetings, study groups etc. Sign in to MF's Zoom here. 

Can I pick up my things in my locker at MF? 
Students are no longer admitted into the building, the library is closed as well. If you need to retrieve personal items from your library desk or locker, contact us at or tel. 22 59 05 20.

What will happen with other classes and arrangements that have been planned? 
All class and conference activity at MF is cancelled for the time being. ​

How do I contact MF employees? 
Nearly all employees are now working out of the home. They can be reached by e-mail
You can also write to us at if you have questions - we will reply as soon as we can! 

Is it still possible to speak with the chaplains? 
Yes, the chaplains are available digitally and are pleased to speak with students during this time. You can reach them by phone: Bjørn Eirik 469 80 499, Linn 909 95 452 and by e-mail: and

The government has also posted information for students and their questions in Norwegian:
Informasjon fra regjeringen - Spørsmål og svar om koronavirus og studenter i Norge