Coronavirus MF

MF is Open Again for Students and Visitors

Monday, June 15th, MF reopened its doors for students and visitors. When the new semester starts in August, we hope to offer as much instruction at MF as possible.

Translated by Andrew D. Wergeland

Now that MF is open again, it is important to maintain social distancing - at least one meter's distance to others!

We must limit the number of students in the study area of the library to 50 in order to maintain distancing guidelines. The cafeteria and ground floor can also be used for study. 

Please note: 

  • If you have symptoms of respiratory illness, you are to stay home.
  • We recommend not using public transportation. If it cannot be avoided completely, we encourage you to not travel during rush hour. 
  • Practice good hand and coughing hygiene, and use the sanitizing agents placed around MF actively. 
  • Remember to keep at least one meter away from others!

Changes in course requirements / evaluation methods / exams will be announced on Canvas.
Faculty and staff  will be available via e-mail.

Faculty and Staff

MF encourages those who must use public transportation to get to MF to work remotely from home.

See also the webpage where up-to-date help and guidelines for employees have been gathered.

Good coughing and hand hygiene is important for stopping the spread of potential contagion. 

Regarding the Fall 2020

We will soon provide more information to all students regarding the fall schedule.

The goal for this fall is to be able to offer as much instruction at MF as possible. In order to have enough room for this (with 1 meter between all students in all rooms), some instruction will have to be digital. We also wish to enable students belonging to high risk groups, or who live with others belonging to high risk groups, to complete their studies as planned.