MF CASRs tirsdagslunsj

MF CASR Tuesday lunches spring term 2020

New venue for the MF CASR lunches: The library on the 2nd floor! 

MF CASR lunches will be announced on MF's and MF CASR's Facebook pages. 

28 January
Prof. Unn Falkeid, UiO: Desire for power and ideas of reform during the Avignon Papacy (1309-77)

4 February
Post.doc fellow Mary Jane Cuyler, MF: New Discoveries at the Ancient Roman Synagogue of Ostia

11 February
Associate Professor Ragnhild Johnsrud Zorgati, UiO: Islam på scenen: Karpe i Spektrum og Krenket på Nasjonal
(In Norwegian)

18 February
Winter break, no MF CASR-lunch

25 February
Post-doctoral fellow Ragnar Misje Bergem, MF: Politisk teologi. Bokpresentasjon
(In Norwegian)

3 March
Associate Professor John Kaufman, MF: Early Christian variety: doctrine and practice. On a book in progress

10 March
Professor Philip L. Reynolds, Emory University and Associate Professor Line C Engh, UiO: On marriage symbolism in the history of Christianity.

17 March 
Professor Iselin Frydenlund, MF: Buddhist-Muslim Relations in South and Southeast Asia. Book presentation

24 March
Associate Professor Kristin Graff-Kallevåg and professor Sturla J. Stålsett, MF: Update on the MF research group on religion and sports

31 March
Professor Jan-Olav Henriksen, MF:
Representation and Ultimacy: Christian Religion as Unfinished Business. Book presentation

7 April
Easter, no MF CASR-lunch

14 April

21 April
Postdoc Gina Lende, MF: Regulations of religion in Nigeria

28 April

5 May
Professor Asle Eikrem, MF: Migrasjonsetikk: dilemmaer

12 May

19 May

26 May
Postdoc Daniela Rapisarda, MF: On postcolonial theology of migration

Everyone is welcome at MF CASR's Tuesday lunches in the library.
Bring your lunch. Coffee and tea are served.

Program changes may occur.