MF CASR researchers

MF CASR – A New Research Center

MF CASR aims to be a leading research environment and network hub for scholars of religion.

MF Center for the Advanced Study of Religion, MF CASR, will organize the study of religion at MF Norwegian School of Theology. The center will also facilitate research collaboration between MF and other institutions.

A Platform for Scholars
– Organizing the study of religion at MF into a center of advanced study is important for scholars because it provides us with a distinct platform for academic collaboration and dissemination, says Iselin Frydenlund, Associate Professor at MF and director of MF CASR.

– MF received excellent marks in an international evaluation of research in the humanities in Norway. Our goal in establishing MF CASR is to create the best possible framework for the study of religion at MF. Through this, we will also develop and showcase research done at MF and in collaboration with our international contacts and networks, says MF president Vidar L. Haanes.

A Breadth of Fields and Themes
MF CASR will include the fields of Religious Studies, History of Religion, Philosophy of Religion, Text and Manuscript Studies, History of Ideas, Art History, and Sociology of Religion. The center will actively contribute to communicating MF’s religious scholarship into debates and discussions of religion in the public sphere in Norway. 

–  We have a wide and inclusive profile, says center director Frydenlund. She adds that scholars at MF are already involved in the study of many different fields and topics. Among these are religion, politics and violence in a global context, feminist theology, rituals in a secular society, inter-religious dialogue, religion and media, and material religion.  

Packed-Lunch Seminars
–  MF CASR will arrange a variety of different academic seminars. Starting 17 April, we will host weekly “Packed-Lunch Seminars” where scholars of religion from Norway and abroad will present issues they are passionate about, while we eat our homemade lunches together, says Frydenlund.

The Seminars will be held every Tuesday from 11:30-12:00 and will be announced at and on the MF CASR Facebook page.