Early Judaism and Christianity in Rome

Doctoral students from MF in a PhD seminar on early Judaism and Christianity in Rome.

During the first week in October the doctoral students from MF were in a Nordic PhD seminar on Judaism and Christianity in Rome in the first millennium.

Line M. Bonde og Nils H. Korsvoll are doctoral students from MF and were participating in the Nordic PhD Network The Study of Judaism, Christianity and Islam in the First Millennium (NNJCI)  as their first study seminar, which is about the Judaism and Christianity in Rome. The seminar was arranged by Århus University, in cooperation with the Danish institute in Rome. Fifteen doctoral students from four Nordic countries, together with United Kingdom and Italy, were also participating.

The seminar was held with the purpose of develop the knowledge on the different characteristics and traditions of the early Judaism and Christianity, where Rome poses in a unique position with all those historical sources that is this city, which among other the catacombs, early church buildings, and not least the many inscriptions found there. These different sources provide information on how both Judaism and Christianity took up the established social expression and art forms when they interacted with one another, and how these religious movements found their place in Roman society and history.

In addition to the lectures by the Professors from the University of Rome, University of Aarhus and the Danish and Norwegian Institute in Rome, the doctoral students presented the findings of their own projects. NNJCI aims at facilitating a broad academic exchange, therefore the seminar in Rome gathered together theologians, papyrilogists, religion historians, art historians, and philosophers. Bonde is an art historian educated in Copenhagen and has just started her doctoral studies at MF within the research project Tracing the Jerusalem Code. Korsvoll is a religion historian and works with amulet-traditions in early Christianity.

NNJCI is a cooperation between MF, University of Aarhus, University of Helsinki and the University of Lund, with the aim of arranging annual PhD seminar for the Nordic doctoral students with focus on early Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. The seminar for 2016 will be in Ethiopia.

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