Arriving in Oslo

Ensure that your travel arrangements permit you to be in Oslo and ready to attend orientation. 

We strongly advise against arriving after the orientation days because you will miss out on key sessions that have been set up for you and your fellow international students. If circumstances prevent you from arriving on time please send an email to and let us know your expected time of arrival.

If you arrive at the Oslo Airport - Gardermoen, the easiest way to get to downtown Oslo is either by the Airport Express Train or the Airport Express Coach. The train takes about 20 minutes to the Oslo Central Station (Oslo S). The coach takes about 40 minutes to the Oslo Central bus station (Bussterminalen).

Need to be picked up from the train/bus station?
Please send an e-mail to the international student assistant:

Picking up keys and getting to the student residences
Make sure to check before you arrive, in case there are changes in where to pick up your keys, etc. We strongly recommend that you plan your arrival to Oslo so that you arrive within opening hours so that you can get your key for your housing.

How to get there

How to get to SiO Centre at Blindern Campus:

  • We suggest you take the train or the coach to downtown Oslo.
  • From Jernbanetorget station Oslo S (Central Station) you can take metro #5 to Sognsvann or #5 Ringen.
  • Get off at Blindern station and walk for a couple of minutes to campus.
  • The SiO Centre reception is located in the Kristian Ottosen building (low rise service building, building no. 2 on campus map) next to the Lucy Smiths building.

Taxi: Depending on which taxi company you choose, a taxi from the airport may cost approx. NOK 800,-. If you share your taxi with others, this may be a cheaper solution. A taxi from Oslo Central Station to Kringsjå student village costs a minimum of NOK 250,- Please note that higher rates apply for the evening, weekend and night.

How to get to Kringsjå student village:

We suggest you take the train or the coach to downtown Oslo.
From Jernbanetorget station in the Oslo S (Central Station) you can take metro #5 to Sognsvann. Get off at Kringsjå station. Cross the main road and you will see the Kringsjå Student Village.
Travel time from Jernbanetorget to Kringsjå is about 20 minutes.

Route map for the metro in Oslo (pdf)

Before arriving in Oslo you should find the address of your student village, search for a map online and print it out. Then it is easier to find your way around in Oslo. Follow the link below to search:

Google maps (external link)

Arrival outside opening hours
Arrival outside opening hours is not recommended. In case you arrive after opening hours, you will need to find alternative accommodation.

You may contact SiO by e-mail or preferably call (+47 22 18 83 35)  and see if you can arrange for your keys to be delivered by one of SiO's caretakes. This must be done well ahead of your arrival.


You can use public transport to reach MF (Majorstuen station)


Metro line services from the centre to Majorstuen:

1 Frognerseteren / 3 Kolsås / 5 Ringen / 4 Vestli / 2 Østerås / 5 Sognsvann

Follow this link for a map of the metro rutes.


Tram services from the centre to Majorstuen:

11, 12 eller 19 til Majorstuen

Follow this link for a map of the tram routes.

(Follow this link for a map of the bus routes.)

For a map of MF, Majorstuen, follow this link:

For the Metro, Tram or Bus schedule, follow this link

(Or use Google Maps' route function)