Before Arrival

Before you move to Oslo, you will need to complete a few tasks. This page provides details on student housing, health insurance and general tips about living in Norway.

Please review the Pre-arrival Guide for important details and information.


Housing (SiO)

You can  apply online through the Student Housing Office from SiO. SiO Housing operates 24 student villages and student houses in Oslo and close to Lillestrøm. SiO have a total of almost 9000 single rooms and flats for rent.  

Exchange students: please notify the MF international office that you will apply for housing in order to be put on a priority-list for accommodation. Please use this email address (include your name, date of birth and programme in the message):

Housing Contract

  • Housing contracts are as a rule issued for entire semesters.
  • The Autumn semester is from 1 August - 31 December
  • Spring semester from 1 January  - 31 July.

Housing Deposit
All students who rent housing must pay a deposit. This deposit will be returned to you after you have moved out, providing there is no damage to the room or its furnishings, and that it has been properly cleaned, and all rent has been paid. 

For more information, go to SiO web pages for housing. 

Budget & Cost of living

To give you an idea of the living expenses for a student in Norway, we have put together a modest budget for one semester (all numbers are approximate):

  • Housing: NOK 25 000
  • Food: NOK 15 000
  • Books & Supplies: NOK 6 000
  • Transportation: NOK 2 250 (students under 30)
  • Other expences: NOK 15 000

Total for 5 months: NOK 63 250

During your first semester, you must be prepared to use a substantial amount of money for setting up your household and for buying suitable clothing for the Norwegian climate.

Student discounts
tudents under the age of 30 with a valid semester card are also entitled to reduced fares on public transport, including the airport train. Your student card also entitles you to certain discounts for the opera, theatre and museum tickets.

What to bring for new students

You are advised to bring some Norwegian currency with you when you arrive in Norway or change money at Oslo airport - Gardermoen. You will need to have money to pay for the airport train to Oslo. It will also make it easier for you, during your first few days, especially if you happen to arrive during the weekend when banks and post offices are closed. It is also advisable to have an international credit card.

Please note that personal expenses like clothes, medicines, dental care, leisure activities etc. are not included in the budget. If you are not able to bring along warm clothes from your home country, it is important to have enough money with you to buy suitable clothing for different seasons. We suggest that you bring along/buy: waterproof/windproof jacket, woollen sweater, scarves, gloves, hats, warm long underwear (wool)/tights and warm and waterproof shoes/boots.

Health Insurance

Health insurance for students from EU/EEA countries

If you are a citizen of an EU/EEA country or Switzerland, you must bring either the European Health Insurance Card ( or documentation of private health insurance when you enter Norway.
If you have private health insurance, please clarify with your insurance office whether your coverage applies to Norway. We strongly recommend a travel insurance in addition.

Students from countries outside the European Economic Area

All students from countries outside the EU/EEA should have private or public health insurance to cover their first weeks in Norway.

Students staying in Norway for more than 3 months can become members of the National Insurance Scheme ( Please note that this membership means "coverage under the health section". If you should get ill and need medical treatment, the insurance will cover this within Norway, but not in another European country. 

We strongly recommend a travel insurance in addition.

Students staying in Norway for more than 1 year

If the duration of your stay in Norway is more than one year, you will automatically become a member of the National Insurance Scheme when you register as a resident in Norway with the National Registry (Skatt Øst).

Students staying in Norway between 3-12 months

If you are staying in Norway between 3 and 12 months, you can apply for voluntary membership in the National Insurance Scheme. This will entitle you to social security coverage with regard to health services in accordance with the National Insurance Scheme.

Please note that students who do not apply for voluntary membership should have a social security coverage from their home country. Read more how to apply here.