The Student Welfare Organization (SiO)

All universities and colleges that receive public support are associated with a student union. The Student Welfare Organization takes care of the students’ needs at the educational institution. 

The Student Union in Oslo and Akershus, SiO is a union of 27 educational institutions in Oslo and Akershus. As a student at MF you can use their services (after paying the semester fee).

SiO's main goal is to offer the students products and services that:

  • Contribute to an effective learning process and a stimulating campus life.
  • Contribute to a high academic quality.
  • Create favourable conditions for job satisfaction among students.

SiO strives to have an outstanding service for users and contribute to the associated educational institutions having the most attractive learning environment in the country.

SiO services
SiO offer different services for MF students. SiO has housing, gyms, GP and counselling

All of SiO’s income goes directly back to the students. SiO does not have a goal of economic profit - only a healthy economy to manage students’ assets in the best possible way.

Welfare opportunities are financed among other things by students semester fees. SiO also receives direct state support and support from educational institutions in the form of free locations (called free stations). The profits from the business operations are transferred to the welfare departments.

It is the students who make up the majority of the Upper Welfare Association Board, which determines the semester fee, and which welfare offers the organization should have for their students.

The student representatives on the board are elected by the student democracy at the educational institutions. In addition, the Board consists of representatives from educational institutions and the staff of the student organization