Semester Fee

All students must pay a semester fee each semester. 

The semester fee is NOK 3650,-
For English bachelor programmes the semester fee is NOK 3850,-

This includes the SiO fee of NOK 600,-  and voluntary donations to MF students' Assistance Fund (NOK 40) and Norwegian Students' and Academics' International Assistance Fund SAIH (NOK 10).


Where do I find the invoice to pay the semester fee?
Log in to StudentWeb and choose "More" and "Payment" in the menu. You can also order a printed version, while you generate the invoice for the respective semester. Note that MF does not have a tuition fee, and you will therefore not need to document this payment for the UDI.

What are the different items of the semester fee?
SiO fee: A fee which all students in Oslo pay to Student Welfare Organization in Oslo. All students must be a member of a welfare organization. In case you study in more than one place you will only pay the semester fee once. You must show the receipt from the other institution to us.
Deductible: Consists of two parts:
A part that finances the student democracy and various welfare measures in the academic environment (grants for the Welfare Council, newspaper subscriptions, gymnasium, fitness room, etc).
A part that is used to cover study materials such as teaching aids.
These amounts are both mandatory.
In addition, there is a voluntary amount to MF student's assistance funds: Each student pays NOK 40,-. This money creates a fund, which each year is given to a good objective. Such a purpose is determined by the students' general meeting at MF. The same applies to NOK 10,-  to the Students and Scholars' International Assistance Fund, which is also voluntary.

I also study at other educational institution and I pay SiO fee (or similar) there. Must I pay this fee again to MF? 
No. You have to present a valid proof of payment from the other institution at the Student Reception at the 3rd floor. In this case, the semester fee to MF will be reduced by the amount that corresponds to SiO fee. But even before that, you can simply deduct the SiO fee from the invoice and pay only the remaining amount. 

I have quit my studies, decided not to study, or paid the SiO fee in two institutions. Can I get my money refunded?
Yes. Send an e-mail to the Student Reception before the registration deadline (1 September/1 February), reporting your case together with the bank account number, then you will get your money back. 

Improving Grades

If you wish to improve grades in a course that you have already passed, subscribe for the next ordinary exam (StudentWeb). Note that this will cost an additional NOK 1500,-. We will generate the invoice in StudentWeb after the registration deadline. You will receive an e-mail.

Administrative Fee

If you have been granted registration for a course/allowed to register for the semester after the stipulated deadlines, it will cost you NOK 200 in administrative fees. 


Your copying and printing quota will be prefilled with 100 kr when you activate your MF student account the first time, then you will get 100 kr every quarter year (1 January, 1 April, 1 July and 1 October.)

Prices per 16.01.2018 are the following. Note that the prices are subject to errors or changes. Any updated prices will be shown on the copy machine.

Format One-sided printing, price per sheet Duplex/two-sided printing, price per sheet
A4 black/white 0.40 kr 0.70 kr
A4 color 1.00 kr 1.90 kr
A3 black/white 0.80 kr 1.50 kr
A3 color 2.00 kr 3.90 kr


If you wish to print or copy more, you can pay to refill your quota:
Note that it may take 10-15 minutes before the money is added to your print account.

Avoid adding large amounts of money unless you plan on using it right away, as it is not possible to get this "money" back, and the quota will be deleted if you have not registered or paid the semester fee two semesters in a row.