It is mandatory for all new international students to attend the international students welcome day.

See the Buddy Week program here.

Semester start and Buddy Week begin on the following Monday, 12 August. It is mandatory for all new international students to attend. 

Orientation new international students (PDF) 

UDI presentation (PPT) 

Orientation Week Program for International Students Autumn 2019

Friday, 9th of August: International Student Welcome Day!

09:30 - Coffee and tea in in the canteen at MF
10:00 - Official International Student Welcome
10:50 - Information for exchange students
11:15 - Self-funding students/UDI informational meeting
12:05 - Lunch
13:00 - Trivia Quiz [Buddy Week activity]
13:45 - Optional tour around Oslo - become acquainted with the city and learn cheap places to shop (grocery stories, school supplies, phone stores and more) -- all international students are welcome. Meet at MF entrance, tour ends at free bus to IKEA (place to buy cheap household products)
12:45-15:00 International office is open to answer questions. Remember to pay the semester fee!

Monday, 12th August: Opening day for all new students

10:00 - Registration and welcome information. Meet your Buddy Group.
10:30 - Official welcome & General orientation
11:45 - Lunch with your Buddy Group
12:30 - Information about your study programs
13:30 - Guided trip around campus
14:30 - Buddy Week program

Tuesday, 13th August

14:30 - Buddy Week program
20:00 - Buddy Week program

Wednesday, 14th August: Semester Opening

10:00 - Semester Service at Fagerborg Church followed by Coffee at MF
12:00 - Academic Semester Opening
13:15 - Some lectures start today – check time schedule
17:00 - Buddy Week program


Thursday, 15th August: Beginning of classes

10:00 - Check your time schedule, some classes begin today!
11:00-13:00 Drop-in for IT support & help understanding StudentWeb and Canvas at the Library
12:15 - SiO Conference; Optimize your studies
15:00 - Buddy Week program
18:00 - Buddy Week program

Friday, 16th of August: Computer help and Lectures…

11:00-13:00 Drop-in for IT support & help understanding StudentWeb and Canvas at the Library
12:15 -  Computer programs course – learn how to use Canvas, StudentWeb and other MF systems and get connected to internet!
16:00 - Buddy Week program
19:00 - Buddy Week program

Saturday, 17th of August: Buddy program

12:00 - Buddy Week program

Sunday, 18th of August: Buddy program

Church Service - Buddy Week program (more information will come in August)


1st September: Last day to pay the semester fee and register for courses.

Buddy Groups

Being a new international student can feel a little overwhelming. Do not worry, Norway has a wonderful system in place to help and make the transition to your new student environment easier. It’s called Buddy Week! Buddy week is designed by your fellow students to give you a great start at MF. You will automatically be assigned a buddy group at the beginning of the semester, during orientation. The Buddy group system helps new students establish a social and academic network as soon as they arrive.

In a buddy group you will get:

  • The possibility to join a social network and make friends from your first day at MF.
  • The possibility to take part in several enjoyable events such as concerts and theatre shows with your buddy group.
  • A tour of the MF campus

The buddy group
Each buddy group is made up of two-three buddies and 10- 20 new Norwegian/International students. As a member of a buddy group you will meet other students from your study program or related academic field, who are also new at MF. The buddies have already studied at MF for some time and know what it is like to be a student. They are familiar with the joys and sorrows of student life and are there to answer any questions you might have about student life at MF and in Norway.

Any questions? Please send us an e-mail to the international student assistant: isa@mf.no


Students at MF must register for courses and examinations and pay the semester fee every semester.


  • Autumn semester: September 1st 
  • Spring semester: February 1st

Read more about registrations every semester

Semester fee
All students (except Erasmus, Nordplus/Nordlys and Bilateral students) must pay the semester fee. You will receive a giro in your welcome package.

Student card or access card
Student cards are issued to students who are staying for at least one semester and who have completed the semester registration.

To get Student ID – have a picture taken in the library (near printer room). Opening hours:  Monday-Friday 10:00-12:00, (Aug 12-16 & Aug 19-23). Saturday, Aug 17th 11:00-13:00

You need your student ID to take exams and get discounts.


All new students must complete the following tasks during the first week at MF:

  • Pay the semester fee before September 1st.  
    • The semester can be paid by online bank transfer, with cash at post office, or directly from your deposited money (from the student reception).​
    • You cannot access StudentWeb or Canvas before your payment is registered. Remember to activate your MF-account.
    • Once your payment is registered (two-three days after you made the payment), you can get your username and password at the student reception and get your Student ID. Remember to bring ID. 
  • Register for courses in StudentWeb before September 1st.
    • See the program structure to find your courses. 
  • Check your time schedule
  • Check your examination dates. 

Send an email to student@mf.no or come by the student reception. The International Office on the 3rd floor is open from 10:00-14:00.