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Frequently Asked Questions

Admission/Further Studies

If I am in a study programme, do I need to apply again every semester?
If you are a student at MF this semester and want to continue the same programme of study, you do not have to reapply. Fill out your education plan on StudentWeb and sign up for exams before 1 September/1 February. 


StudentWeb is where students sign up for exams and seminar groups, change address, get an overview of their grades, etc. ​

Is there a user manual for StudentWeb?
The user manual for StudentWeb is found here.

Where do I find the PIN code for logging in to StudentWeb?
The PIN code is found in the upper right hand corner of the invoice sent to you before the start of the semester. If you have lost the code, you can have a new one sent to you. If you have previously registered your e-mail address on StudentWeb, you can log in with your date of birth and personal number, and click on the button “Send Pin”. Or you can contact the Student Reception on the 3rd floor at MF.

I have paid the semester fee, but it is not updated on StudentWeb. What is wrong?
It takes two workdays from when the invoice is paid before it is registered. If it has been more than two days, the cause can be that you did not use the KID-number that was given on the invoice when you paid it. Then it will take a little bit longer before the payment is registered, and you have to be patient.

How do I get a receipt for semester registration?
We refer you to the Student ID app, available for all smartphones and other similar devices.

Do I have to use the e-mail address I was given by MF?
E-mails to your MF-address may be automatically forwarded to your private e-mail address if you register for this on the StudentWeb. Forwarding works after you have activated your account. 

Education Plan

All students have an individual education plan. This is usually identical with the programme plan for your study programme, though some programmes will have more room for elective courses than others. You can also deviate from the study programme to a certain extent, but only in accordance with set regulations and in dialogue with your student advisor. This includes part-time studies and extension of the study period.

The individual education plan in Studentweb is a way for you to plan your studies and for you to communicate this to the administration, but also a way for the administration to communicate with you. The plan is completed one semester at a time, and you can always change your mind about future semesters until the registration deadlines 1 February/1 September


What is Canvas?
Canvas is the electronic learning platform that MF uses. This is actively used, and it is important that our students are familiar with Canvas and its features.

Where do I find my password for Canvas?
Read more about username and password here.

Canvas student tutorial

Lost and Found

You can check with Reception on the 1st floor (ground floor). Everything that does not have a name on it and does not have a lot of value is kept in the basement. There are some shelves which contain a wide variety of things, and it is worth taking a look down there if you cannot find something, like your notes for a lecture.