Exam accommodations

A student can apply for exam accommodation in cases of illness or disability. 

MF shall safeguard that the exams of students with documented needs are accommodated in a way that offsets the disadvantage(s) caused by the disability in question. At the same time it must be ensured that all students are examined on equal terms. The accommodation cannot be so extensive that it proves an advantage compared to other students. This means that the student is not guaranteed the exact accommodation for which he/she applied. 


September 1st (autumn semester) and February 1st (spring semester). 

A dispensation from the deadline can be granted if the needs for accommodation arise after it has passed, or if there are other special reasons to deviate from the deadline.  


You must be able to document the need for accommodated exams. All statements/documentation must be dated recently and clearly state that there is a need for the accommodation for which the student is applying. 

Here you find a form to be filled out by your doctor/a health professional (pdf). This, or other satisfactory documentation, must be attached to the application, or be uploaded as soon as possible after the student has applied for accommodation. 

How to apply:

Application form

The application form and documentation must be submitted through the online form above. The documentation may be delivered to exam adviser Torunn Johansen (room 363), or sent to: 

MF vitenskapelig høyskole
v/Torunn Johansen
Pb 5144 Majorstuen
0302 Oslo.

Application process:

The application will normally be processed within four weeks after the deadline. Each case will be treated in accordance with our confidentiality regulations. 

A letter of resolution will be sent by mail to your registered address/via email. If an accommodated exam is granted, this will also become visible in Studentweb, where it will be specified what you have been granted and for how long the resolution is valid. Resolutions concerning accommodated exams are preferably made for one-three years at the time. If the needs in question are of a permanent character, accommodation may be granted for the entire study period. 

You will find more information about accommodated exams here: 
Reasons for accommodation (pdf)

For further questions, please contact Tilrettelegging@mf.no