Learning Environment and Welfare

We want a good learning and working environment for all students and employees

Work Spaces

All students that have paid the semester fee can use the work spaces at the research center on the 2nd floor. Some places are << Reserved Seats >>, they are reserved for certain students and cannot be used by others. All other places are free to use.

Application deadlines for reserved seats and book cabinets can be found on student's intranet.


MF currently has only a few parking spots, which are reserved for special purposes. These are located next to the entrance​.

Do you want a parking permit?
Consult reception on the 1st floor for temporary permission to park there, and to get a parking permit that you can place on your windshield​.

Who can apply for a permanent spot?
Students with reduced mobility that need a permanent parking spot close to the main door can apply for a permanent spot one semester at a time. See “Special Needs” in the margin to the left.

Gym/Training Room

MF has a gym, training room and sauna that can be freely used by students. You can reserve time in the gym at the beginning of each semester. The training room is always open. Check the notice in the sauna (in the locker room) to find out when it is on.

Training in MF’s exercise room is at your own risk. MF accepts no liability for any personal injury in connection with presence and exercise.

Undesired behavior

Bullying and / or undesired sexual attention

Harassment is, in Norwegian law, defined as "actions, omissions, or statements which work or have the purpose to work as offensive, intimidating, hostile, degrading or humiliating [...]" This may be related to ethnicity, colour, language, religion, creed or gender.

Harassment in the form of undesired / troublesome sexual attention may appear in different ways. Sexual attention may be perceived negatively even if it is not meant negatively, and it is he/she who perceives himself/herself as a victim who has the right to define what would be undesired sexual attention.
Bullying refers to the action when a person repeatedly and consistently is exposed to harmful actions.

Action Plan
The Board of the Norwegian School of Theology has adopted an action plan against harassment divided into two main categories:

  • Bullying

  • Undesired sexual attention

MF has appointed a contact person whose task is to provide support, guidance, and assistance to students who are subjected to any form of harassment. Whoever appeals to the contact person will have his/her confidentiality preserved.
Chaplain Elin Lunde (room 327)

Phone: 22 59 05 90
Email: elin.lunde@mf.no

Setting Limits
It is the victim of undesired words or actions who determines whether the words are serious / threatening or not. Setting limits to what one can accept is an individual right, but for many it could be hard to speak up. In such situation, it may be helpful to seek the advice of the MF contact person. Do not be afraid to contact for advice and help, and if desired it is also possible to remain anonymous.