Find Your Schedule

The time schedule is available on the internet. You can create an output schedule with your own courses. 

You can also subscribe to the completed schedule through your usual calendar program, such as Google Calendar, iCal on Mac, or on a smartphone by copying the “Subscribe” link near the top right of the schedule.

Finding the schedule:

  1. Go to Time Edit, then click "Schedule".
  2. In the “search” field select "Course". Then enter the course name (full name or part of it) that you will take in the box below. Then you click on "search". Select the course by clicking on it. It will end up in the box to the right. Do this for all the subjects you want to display.
  3. When you have saved all the courses you want, you can click on “show schedule" button to show the schedule.

The information in the schedule can be read in conjunction with the course description for the subject in question and any subject page/booklet (available from your instructor or in Canvas). Course descriptions and program plans for different study programs can be found in the subject catalogue.

For more information on the individual courses, look at the course descriptions and course page/booklet which will be distributed at the beginning of each course, and will be posted in Canvas.

NB: There may be changes in the schedule, and there may also be additional information that is only available in Canvas. Each student is responsible for keeping themselves up to date.