Written exams

Information about written exams and permitted support material.

Exam dates can be found on StudentWeb and in the course catalogue. A list of all exams is available here.

Before the exam, you must read the instructions for candidates taking written exams (pdf)

The exam location and the candidate number are published on the front page of StudentWeb no later than three days before the exam (see the information column). On the day of the exam, a list in MF’s reception will also inform about the location of the exam.

Reminders before written exams

  • Written exams usually begin at 9:00 am. You need to arrive at least 15 minutes before the exam begins.
  • You must bring your own pen/s (blue ballpoint pen) and a valid ID (e.g. a student card or a credit card with a picture).
  • The use of examination support material is permitted on some written exams. More information below.
  • Bring food and drink.
  • Telephones and similar equipment must be turned off and placed in the designated area before the exam starts.
  • Short breaks can be taken when you want, though not within the first hour of the exam. Raise your hand and wait for the exam inspector.
  • Communication between candidates (in any form) is not allowed during the exam. Read more about cheating.
  • The teacher of the course usually comes during the first hour of the exam, and you may ask him/her if you have difficulties with understanding the exam question(s).
  • You can hand in your exam after one hour, at the earliest.
  • Withdrawal during an exam is regarded as one exam attempt (out of three). There are special rules for withdrawing from an exam due to illness. Read More.
  • The Student Welfare Organization (SiO) provides a list of ten tips for the exam period.

Support material

The use of examination support material is permitted on some written exams. Please confer the top of the course description to see if this applies to your exam.

Confer the overview of allowed support material to see if you need to bring support material yourself. In courses where Bibles are allowed, New Revised Standard Version (NRSV) bibles will be available at the exam location. Remember to bring your library card if you need to borrow support material from the library.

An inspector will check all support materials before the exam. Underlinings in the support material are allowed, but not written notes. If you have illegal aids at your disposal after the exam has started, it will be treated as an attempt at cheating.

If you take a course in Norwegian and have a native language other than Norwegian, you can apply for the use of a dictionary and Bible in your language. More information on facilitation and application deadlines are found here

See the overview of allowed support material (pdf) for more information. List F, F2 and F3 deal with courses taught in English.