Oral exams

Information about oral exams.


Exam dates can be found on StudentWeb and in the course catalogue. A list of all exams is available here.


The exam location and the exact time of the exam are published on the front page of StudentWeb (see the information column), no later than three days before the exam. Normally it is published at least one week before the exam. This information will also be available in the MF reception on the day of the exam.

The use of examination support material is permitted on some oral exams. Please confer the top of the course description to see if it applies to your exam. See the overview of allowed support material for exams (pdf) for more information. List F, F2 and F3 deal with courses taught in English.

Infection prevention measures and what to do if you get ill

Guidelines in effect for infection prevention and control at MF in general is available here. Below you can find information directly related to exams. This information may change if the infection situation changes.


Who can meet for the exam?

You can not meet for the exam if:

- You have a confirmed covid-19 infection. If so, you must be in isolation.

- You are a close contact/live with someone with a confirmed covid-19 infection. If so, you must be in quarantine.

- You have symptoms similar to symptoms for covid-19 or respiratory tract infection. This is also the case if you only have mild symptoms as long as the symptoms are accompanied by a feeling of illness.

If one of these points apply to you, you must submit a self-notification form explaining your absence instead of meeting for the exam. This will give you the option to register for the deferred exam in January. The self-notification form for absence on exams is available here.

Alternatively, you may take the exam on zoom. If you wish to do this, contact exam@mf.no


You can meet for the exam if:

- You have had a respiratory tract infection, but have been free of symptoms for 24 hours.

- A person you live with have symptoms for respiratory tract infection, but not confirmed covid-19. If you experience symptoms during the exam, you must however go home.

- You experience some discomforts that occurs regularly during autum/winter and these symptoms are not accompanied by å feeling of illness. One example is sore mucuous membranes, which again can cause sneezing or a runny nose when coming in from the cold. As long as this is not accompanied by a feeling of illness, it is not a symptom of respiratory tract infection. But be avare of any other symptoms if this applies to you. More information on symptoms are available at helsenorge.no.

- You have respiratory problems due to allergies. Please inform the examinators upon arrival about this.

- You have been infected by covid-19 illness, but are now healthy, and a doctor has lifted your isolation requirement.


Infection prevention measures


Desks are placed in a way that makes it possible to uphold one meter distance between students and the examiners.

Hand disinfectant

Hand disinfectant is placed by the entrance of the examination rooms, inside the rooms and in the restrooms. Students must use hand disinfectant upon arrival, after washing their hands in the restroom, when they leave, and otherwise when needed. You can bring your own hand disinfectant and keep it on your desk if you wish.

Face masks

It is not mandatory for students or employees to wear face masks or use disposable gloves, but the employees may use it when needed. If you find it necessary, you may use a face mask during the exam. You must then bring your own face mask.


Desks, chairs, door handles and restrooms will be cleaned daily. On oral exams the area around the candidates seat will be disinfected between each candidate.


Contact the examination office by e-mail exam@mf.no if you have questions.