Illness and absence

There are specific valid reasons for absence from exams when duly documented.

Illness, funerals, or concurrent examination dates at MF count as valid reasons for absence. Other reasons for absence are only valid in certain circumstances. Valid absence, when duly documented, will not count as one of the three exams attempts, and it will give you the opportunity to sign up for the deferred exam.

If you fall ill before or during the exam, you must document the absence with a doctor’s note. The doctor's note should not be dated later than the date of the exam.

  • If you fall ill before the exam, contact the doctor if you think the illness will last until the exam. Deliver the doctors note to the Examination Office.
  • If you fall ill during a school exam, you must choose whether you wish to submit the exam or withdraw. If you choose to withdraw, a medical certificate must be submitted to the Examination Office within three days after the exam, in order not to use one exam attempt. The doctor's note should be dated the same day as the exam
  • If you fall ill during a home examination or before exam submissions, you may in certain circumstances be granted an extension to the submission deadline. Consult a doctor for a doctor’s note and contact the examination office.

Doctor’s notes must include the following information:
a) Your inability to conduct the exams at MF because of illness/sudden illness
b) The period/date the note applies for
c) The course code the note applies for
d) The doctor’s signature and stamp

Doctor’s notes must be postmarked or delivered no later than three days after the first exam it applies for. You may deliver the doctor’s note in the student reception on the 3rd floor at MF or mail it to the following address:

MF vitenskapelig høyskole
Exam Office
Postboks 5144 Majorstuen
0302 OSLO

Death or the funeral of a close family member must be documented to be accepted as a valid absence from exams. The same applies in case of extended deadlines for course requirements. Examples of documentation are a death certificate (officially translated into English), an obituary or equivalent documentation which states close family relationship to the deceased.

Concurrent exams
If you have concurrent exams at MF, please contact the examination office: