Illness and absence

There are specific valid reasons for absence from exams.

If you have a valid reason for absence from an exam, you will not use an exam attempt, and will be entitled to register for the deferred exam, granted that you give proper notice to the exam office.

In the autumn semester of 2020, MF allows self-notification in case of absence from exams.  This means that you give proper notice to the exam office, but that you do not have to provide documentation. This is valid for all form of exams.

Valid reasons for absence include the following:

- If you, or a person for whom you are the primary caretaker, are ill.
- Home quarantine or home isolation because of the corona virus.
- Childbirth.
- Death of a close relative (including burial ceremonies)
- Concurrent examination dates at MF
- Other weighty reasons outside of your own control.

Self-notification must be given by this registration form (link).

Do not meet for a school exam if you have symptoms of covid-19 or a respiratory tract infection. Submit a self notification instead.

The deadline for submitting the form is three days after the exam or the submission deadline of the exam. If you do not submit the form within the deadline, you will use one an exam attempt and not be entitled to register for the deferred exam.

Note that you cannot submit an exam paper if you have given notice of absence.