Cheating is a violation of academic integrity. MF takes cheating very seriously, as this is a breach of trust between the student and MF as an institution. As a student, you are obligated to familiarise yourself with the applicable regulations and demonstrate academic integrity. Consequences for students that cheat/ attempt cheating are stated in the Higher Education Act § 4-7 and § 4-8.

Written exams

Approved aids for school exams are listed in the course description. If you have unapproved aids at your disposal after the exam has started, it will be treated as an attempt at cheating.


Home exams and submission of essays et.c

There are strict requirements for the proper use of sources and citation rules. With all final submissions, an Academic Integrity Commitment must be accepted and submitted along with the submission. See the document «Guidelines for writing assignments at MF» (PDF) for information about how to refer to literature. See also the web sites Search and Write, and The Citation Compass for more information about academic writing. Note that MF is using a plagiarism checker to check the transcripts of submitted papers, book reports, other study requirements and exams. The program checks the degree of similarity between submitted assignments and texts on the internet, in various text databases, and other submitted assignments.

The resources from the academic writing course is available on Canvas (Feide-login required). The video lectures and extra material covers writing theory, use of sources, etc.