Exams are used to determine your grades for each course. Make sure you are familiar with the way exams are administered at MF. Follow the links in the menu to read more about a given subject.


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Read SiO's helpful tips on exams.

Grading of exams at MF
Criteria for grading of exams at MF and expectations for exam answers are presented in the document Grading of exams at MF.
Exam Registration
You have to approve the education plan and pay the semester fee in StudentWeb every semester. The deadline for both is September 1st for the Autumn semester and February 1st for the Spring semester.
Make sure that you are signed up for exams in your courses each semester. Log in to StudentWeb and choose the tab «My active courses». Contact the student administration if you discover any errors.
Exam Language
The exam answer should normally be in English or Norwegian, according to the language of instruction. The course description states what language is used.
Exam Forms
The course description describes which exam form or combination of exam forms that apply to your course, and how much time you have at your disposal. Note that there might be course requirements in addition to the final examination.
Exam Attempts
You have the right to three exam attempts in a course. Failed course requirements, failed exams and not meeting for exams all count as one exam attempt. You may withdraw prior to an exam in order to not use an exam attempt. Read more about withdrawing prior to an exam.