eduroam configurator 

Use "user name"@mf.no for connecting to the WiFi

The wireless network at MF is called eduroam.

This is a system used by most universities in Norway and in many other contries. By using your MF account you can log on to the eduroam WiFi network on other universities or other institutions who has eduroam access, for example airports.

If you do not know your login credentials you must get this at MF and activate your account. Read here for more instructions.

Connecting to eduroam

The best way to connect is to use the eduroam configurator before you go to MF and are connected to another network:

  1. Go to https://cat.eduroam.org/ on the laptop, Macbook, tablet or phone that you want to connect to eduroam at MF
  2. Search for "MF Norwegian School of Theology" 
  3. Follow the instructions given to you and download and run the configurator.
  4. Important: You have to use "your username"@mf.no as your username to connect to eduroam. (Please note that this is not the same as your email address.)

You may also download the configurator on a different computer (for example a student computer at MF) and transfer the file to your computer by using at memmory stick. In that case, remember to chose "Different operating system" when you download the file.

Manual configuration

If the configurator for some reason do not work properly you can try to connect manually:

SSID: eduroam
Security: WPA2 Enterprise
User name: Your MF user name@mf.no
Password: Your MF password


The following settings should usually be selected automatically, but you may have to set this manually in some cases:

EAP-method: Protected EAP (PEAP)
Authentication methods: EAP-MSCHAP v2
Certificate: "DigiCert Assured ID Root CA" or "No certificate"


If  you are having problems connecting you can ask the IT helpdesk in the library. It is open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday.