Username / password


Short summary:

  1. Bring your ID
  2. Fetch your password in the student reception
  3. Activate your account

At MF you will get your own user account with a password. This user name and password can be used to log in to multiple web services, like WiFi, Canvas, StudentWeb, BIBSYS Oria and Feide. 

In order to access these services you will need to find your login credentials and activate your user account, otherwise you will not be able to use the library computers, the copy machine or the printers. 

To have full access (for example to access the course rooms on Canvas) you will also have to:

After doing this it will take one day before you will have access to all your rooms in Canvas. The semester fee payment will not be registered at MF until a couple of days have passed.

New student

  1. Bring your ID
  2. Get login credentials in the student reception.
    The student reception can be found on the 2nd floor on your right hand side when going up the main staircase. Its open from 10 a.m to 2 p.m. Monday to Friday. 
  3. Read and accept the regulations and activate your user account at 
  4. After about 10 minutes your account should be activated. Now you can change your password at

You may also send an email to to have your login credentials sent to you by regular mail or SMS. Make sure your information on StudentWeb is correct, in order for the information to be sent to the right adress or phone number. We will not send the credentials to the adress or phone number you specify in the email, and we will not give out login credentials by phone or e-mail.

Forgotten password

Follow steps 1 and 2 under "New student".