Subscribe to the schedule

  1. Go to TimeEdit to search for your schedule. Click "Schedule"
  2. Optional: If you want to se lectures and events from earlier in the semester you have to change the start date. (1 in the drawing)
  3. Click subscribe on the button on the right of the page. (2 in the drawing)
  4. Make sure that the entire semester is selected in the "Time" option:
  5. Now you can copy the URL and paste it in the suitable place in your calendar system. The following instruction is based on Google calendar, which we can recommend.  
  6. Log in on your Google account and go to the Calendar.  Alternatively you can type and follow the instructions for logging in. 
  7. On the left side, click on "Add a friend's calendar," then. on "From URL" in the pop-up menu:
  8. Paste the URL you copied in point 5 in Time Edit. Click "Add calendar"
  9. We recommend that you change the name of the calendar. Click on the 3 black dots by your new calendar og chose "Settings" to change the name or do other changes. 

Overview of calendar services and software

Software/service Description Instructions
Google Calendar
  • You must have a Google/Gmail account (free)
  • Recomended if you are yousin a Android based smart phone e.g. Samsung Galaxy
  • Is compatible with iPhone
Microsoft Calendar Live
  • You must have a Hotmail/Outlook account (free)
  • Recommended if you are usung a Windows based smart phone
  • Should also be compatible with iPhone and Android
Yahoo Calendar
  • You must have an Yahoo account (Free)
  • Should also be compatible with iPhone
  • Can be used if you are using Yahoo mail and don't have an Android based smart phone

iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Can subscribe to links without using a different client. 

  1. Copy the subscription link (See instructions above)
  2. Paste the link in the adress field in Safari and go
  3. Choose "Subscribe" in the pop-up window
Calendar / iCal
  • Free software that are installed on Macs with OsX
  • Calendars which you are subscribing can also be awailable on your iPhone or iPad . 

How to synchronize your calendar with smartphones

  • Android smart phones. If you have synced your phone with a Google account (which most people do), your calendar subscriptions should be automaticly syncronised into the calendar on the phone. In the calendar application you can choose which calendars to be syncronized and shown. There is also a TimeEdit application made by a norwegian student you can download:
  • iPhone (and iPad) should be possible to syncronize with iCloud (Mac), Google Calendar, Microsoft Live Calendar og Yahoo Calendar
  • Windows smart phones should automaticly sync with the calendars you have subscribed to in Live Calendar if you have used the same Hotmail/Outlook account to set up your phone.