Print, copy and scan

You can print from:

  • Student computers at MF (Remember to log in with your own account! If you use a computer that is already logged in for another student, you will not be able to print.)
  • Your private laptop
  • USB memory stick. (Only PDF and pictures)

In order to print you have to

When you activate your account you will receive 100 NOK on your printing account, and then you will receive 100 NOK quarterly. More information about prices and refilling your printing account... 

To connect your card to your printing account

  1. Print something from one of the student computers (You must have logged in to Windows with your own account!)
  2. You should receive the printing code in an e-mail on your private e-mail address registered on StudentWeb. Check your spam folder if you can't find the e-mail. 
  3. Go to the big Canon copy machine in the Media room in the library. (The room by the lockers with movies.)
  4. Important: First swipe your card in the reader on the right side of the copy machine
  5. Then type in the code given to you in the e-mail.  (If you do this in the wrong order, the card will not be registered and you won't be able to use it for printing.)
  6. Now your card should be registered and can be used on all printers and copy machines. You will not have to use your code after this.