Every student will get an @stud.mf.no-address, which will be activated along with your MF account. Read here for instructions.

Note that this e-mail address will forward all your e-mails to your private e-mail account registered in StudentWeb. Therefore you will not find any e-mails in your @stud.mf.no-account.

If you do not recieve e-mails, check this:

  • Did you activate your account?
  • Did you spell your e-mail adress correctly in StudentWeb?
  • Did you check the spam folder in your private e-mail account?
  • If you did not register an e-mail adress at StudentWeb your e-mail will be sent to your @stud.mf.no-account. Log on to the webmail and check there.

Note that activating your account or putting a private e-mail adress in StudentWeb late in the semester will not have a retroactive effect, so any old e-mails sent before your account activation will not be received.