Help and guidelines for employees

A collection of information for employees during the corona pandemic.

Tips and tricks for online teaching

You can find pedagogical tips and tricks for online teaching, overview of digital resources and other useful aids in the Canvas room MF-ansatte.

You can join the every (work) day at 14 o'clock.

Also, feel free to join the digital teaching gatherings on Zoom every Friday at 11:30-12:00.

See in Canvas for link to Zoom-meetings.

IT Help and Support

The IT office has several tips and advice they would like to share on how to make use of all the available options. Feel free to contact them!

You can find pedagogical tips and tricks for online teaching, overview of digital resources and other useful aids in the Canvas room MF-ansatte.

Zoom works well for live remote teaching and meetings on the web. You can find instructions for using Zoom on Canvas.

If you need help setting up programs or other things for remote working from home, please let us know. The IT office can also suggest good solutions. The IT office can also help by sending files from your storage area at MF (H:), moving your files to Box, setting up VPN so that you gain access to the Intranet or other small digital items.

If you would like to take your large office monitor home, this is also possible. Just let us know if you do. You will find different cables and other useful items outside the IT office door so that you don't have to undo the cables in your office.

Lars works mostly in the evening and on weekends (but answers queries pretty much the whole time and delegates or finds a time when the IT office can help)
Johan is available during normal work hours: 22590541
Oleksandr is available during normal work hours.

Or, send an e-mail to

Self-certification of absence/care for small children

A fillable PDF form for self-certification (i.e. your own or a child's illness) has been created. Here you are also to report it if you are not able to work full time because of the care of small children who no longer can go to daycare or school

We would like to have information about periods of illness - also now while you are working from home. We ask therefore that you use this form. The report of your illness will be passed on to your closest supervisor. We ask that you use this form again if you have new information on further developments in your situation.

New rules for paid sick leave

On the 20th of March, the government introduced changes to the rules concerning workers' rights in the case of illness and caregiver benefits:

  • Employees still have the right to full sick leave pay.
  • Employers only have to pay regular salary for the first three days of corona-related sick leave. Nav (Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration) takes over payment from day four.
  • One may receive sick pay for up to one year.
  • Self-certification of absence is acceptable for 16 days without being put on sick leave by a doctor. Send in your self-reporting of illness here.

Download the PDF form for self-certification of absence here

For parents

  • Parents have been given twice the regular number of "sick child days". In other words, everyone has the right to twice the amount they would have the right to under normal circumstances.
  • Parents have the right to caregiver benefits so they can stay at home with children when schools and daycares are closed because of the corona epidemic.
  • Day counts are to be calculated from Friday 13 March until the end of 2020.
  • In a "standard family" with two parents that live together with two children under the age of 12, both adults will have the right to be at home for 20 days with full pay in order to take care of children this year.
  • Public funds will cover most of these expenses. Employers will only have to pay for the first three days of caregiver benefits.
  • It is possible to transfer caregiver benefit days from one parent to the other if the employment of one of them is critical for the functioning of society, for example, health care work.

Download the form for self-certification related to the care of small children here

Digital gatherings

Gatherings on Zoom:

The Library

The library will until further notice be staffed with librarians physically present at MF 10:00-14:00, Monday to Friday.

Interlibrary lending is suspended for all Norwegian libraries and partners abroad until further notice - both when it comes to lending books and delivering articles.

You will find more information about the library, databases and digital access on the library's information page.


The Chaplains

The chaplains are available for conversations with students by phone or chat in the time to come. If a student needs someone to talk with, s/he can be referred to Linn or Bjørn Eirik - by phone, e-mail or social media.

The Building

The building is closed completely for students and visitors - as of now, until April 15th. The reception is unmanned and the main phone line in has been forwarded to the library.

As an employee, therefore, you have to remember your key card and keys if you come to MF. Necessary protection of the building is maintained with alarms and inspection.

Mail is picked up and sent every other day. Operational matters that need to be taken care of can be reported to the building manager at:


We plan to conduct digital meetings for committees that are part of our quality structure: AMU / LMU / department meetings, FU og SU according to plan. Other meetings (sectional meetings, leader meetings etc.) will, as a rule, not be held. Those concerned will be invited and informed as necessary.


All work-related travel and events are cancelled. MF will, of course, cover expenses paid in connection with work-related travel plans that cannot be completed.

All travel outside of the Nordic countries requires 14 days of quarantine upon return. Employees of MF who undertake travel after March 12th are required to take unpaid leave for the duration of their quarantine period.