Admission/Further Studies

If I am in a study programme, do I need to apply again every semester?
If you are a student at MF this semester and want to continue the same programme of study, you do not have to reapply. Fill out your education plan on StudentWeb and sign up for the exam during the semester registration period (August/January). If you wish to change study programmes, contact a student advisor. Students that are admitted to individual courses have the right to study with unlimited duration, unless you fail to pay the semester fee two semesters in a row. Then you must apply for admission within the applicable deadlines. A paper invoice will not be sent; you must go in to Payment in StudentWeb and generate your invoice.

Semester Fee

All current full-time and single subject students must generate an invoice every semester on StudentWeb under Payment.

For more, See payment under practical information.

What is StudentWeb?

StudentWeb is a net application where students sign up for exams, sign up for seminar groups, change address, get an overview over their grades, etc. ​

Is there a user manual for StudentWeb?
The user manual for StudentWeb is found on the PCs in the learning resource center on the 2nd floor. The online version is /2014/11.08/603600/semesterregistrering_engelsk_-_20140811_162326_8.html"> here.

Where do I find the PIN code for logging in to StudentWeb?
The PIN code is found in the upper right hand corner of the invoice sent to you before the start of the semester. If you have lost the code, you can have a new one sent to you. If you have previously registered your email address on StudentWeb, you can log in with your date of birth and personal number, and click on the button “Send Pin”. Or you can contact student reception on the 3rd floor at MF.

I have paid the semester fee, but it is not updated on StudentWeb. What is wrong?
It takes two work days from when the invoice is paid before it is registered. If it has been more than two days, the cause can be that you did not use the KID-number that was given on the invoice when you paid it. Then it will take a little bit longer before the payment is registered, and you have to be patient.

How do I get a receipt for semester registration?
We refer you to the Student ID app, available for all smartphones and other similar devices.

Do I have to register on StudentWeb or can I do it in another way?
Semester registration must be done on StudentWeb. If that for some reason does not work, contact the student reception on the 3rd floor at MF/student@mf.no

Do I need an email address?
You will get an email address from MF. Email is our preferred way to contact you for individual inquiries and to give information to student groups. Lectures may be cancelled, classes may be moved etc.

Do I have to use the email address I was given by MF?
Emails to your MF-address may be automatically forwarded to your private email address if you register for this on the StudentWeb. Forwarding works after you have activated your account. 

Student Card/Library Card/Sports Card

Where do I get a student card?
After completing the semester registration, and paying the semester fee, go to the 2nd floor (library). There will be special opening hours the first two weeks (see notice on the door). We take your picture and you get the card immediately. Please note that payment must be registered the day before you pick up the card. The card can be used as a library card at the library the next day. Get your student card as soon as possible.

What do I need to bring when I pick up the card?
You must have identification with you (driver’s license, bank card, or passport). A picture will be taken there, so you do not need to have that with you. Remember that your payment must be registered the day before you pick up the card.

Sports Card
Using the gym and the training room in MFs basement is free of charge. You can also join SiO Athletica's ​gyms

The Student ID app (Semester Card)

The student ID app functions as a ID for students in services related to the Student Welfare Organization (SiO) and collective transport companies (i.e.NSB and Ruter).

The student ID app is valid when you have paid the semester fee and registered in the StudentWeb. The student ID app is available both in English and in Norwegian. If you do not have a smartphone, or do not want to use the app, email student@mf.no to get a paper version of the student ID.

Instructions - A new version of the Student ID app

The new version includes:
- a new login solution
- barcode for scanning of valid student ID
- now also available for Windows Phones

The new version of the Student ID app can be downloaded from App Store (iOS), Google Play (Android) or Windows Store.

a) Downloading the app for the first time
Download the app from your app store.

b) If you are already using the Digital Student ID
Important: The old version of the app will be shut down during the autumn. If you are using the app today, but do not download the new version, you will lose your Digital Student ID.

Notification about downloading the new version
-If you are connected to the internet you will, a week after release, be notified that your user is no longer valid: "Sorry. Your user is no longer approved. Please log on again." When you try to log on, a web page with a link to the app store to download the new version of the app, will appear.
-If you update the information in the app, or if you log out and then log on again, you will be asked to download the new version of the app.
-If you are not connected to the internet, do not update the information in the app or do not log out, you will not receive any notification about downloading the new version.

How to log on to the student ID for the first time?
1) Open the app (requires internet access)
2) Choose your institution
3) Log on with your username and password (given to you from your institution)
4) Read the declaration of consent and accept (The app can only be used if you give your acceptance)
5) Read the terms and conditions and approve (The app can only be used if you approve the terms and conditions)

If you have paid the semester fee and you have completed the registration, this information will be shown in a yellow box at the bottom of the page. The semester receipt is saved in the app itself. This means that the app, after logging on and registering your payment of the semester fee, can be used without any internet connection.

Questions about the Student ID app

Q: How do I log into the app?
A: Use the same username and password you use in other systems (Canvas, StudentWeb, computers etc.).

Q: When can I start using the app?
A: As soon as you've paid your semester fee and registered in StudentWeb. It may take 3-5 days until your payment is registered.

Q: Do I still need a student ID (access card)?
A: Yes. The use of a physical student card depends on the institution. At many institutions, a card is needed for access to buildings and borrowing books at the library.

Q: How do I use the app to prove I have the right to student discounts at public transport services?
Q: During ticket inspections, show your valid ticket and the digital student ID app. The app will show you're an active student at your institution.

Q: Why is there no photo of me in the app?
A: If you haven't obtained a student ID (access card) with a photo of you, there won't be a photo in the app either. You will receive more information about where and when you can get your student ID at the beginning of the term.

Q: I have a photo student ID, but there's still no photo of me in the app. Who should I contact?
A: Please contact the institution you belong to for help.

Q: Is the student ID app valid if there's no photo of me?
A: If there's no photo of you in the student ID app, you need to show another kind of ID as well. The app will still prove that you're an active student.

Q: I need help. Who should I contact?
A: Please see your institution's webpages.

Q: I'm getting an error message. What does this mean?
A: Please contact studentbevis@fsat.no.

Q: What kind of personal information will the app collect?
A: The app will collect the following information: name, photo, date of birth, student number, institution, and whether you're a valid student (if you've paid the semester fee and registered for the term).

Q: Where will this information be saved?
A: This information will be saved in the phone only.

Q: The transition from one semester to another and the duration of the semester card
If I am a student only for the spring semester, when will the app no longer show my semester card?
A: The semester card for the autumn semester will be shown from the 1st of January until the 31st of August.

Q: If I am a student only for the autumn semester, when will the app no longer show my semester card?
A: The semester card for the autumn semester will be shown from the 1st of August until the 31st of January.

Q: If I have registered and paid for both the autumn and the spring semester, when will the semester card change in the app?
A: A valid semester card for the autumn semester will be shown every time you update the app between the 1st of August and the 31st of December. As soon as you update the app after 00:00 the 1st of January, the semester card for the spring semester will be shown in the app.

Q: If I have registered and paid for both the spring and the autumn and semester, when will the semester card change in the app?
A: A valid semester card for the spring semester will be shown every time you update the app between the 1st of January and the 31st of Juli. As soon as you update the app after 00:00 the 1st of August, the semester card for the autumn semester will be shown in the app.

Exam/Portfolio Assessment

See the exam pages.

Information about portfolio assessment i TEOL1811

Click the link for a submission walkthrough in TEOL1811


Education Plan

All students (except single course students) have an individual education plan. This is usually identical with the programme plan for your study programme, though some programmes will have more room for choosing courses than others. You can also deviate from the study programme to a certain extent, but only in accordance with set regulations and in dialogue with your student advisor. This includes part-time studies and extension of the study period.

The individual education plan in Studentweb is a way for you to plan your studies ahead and for you to communicate this to the administration, but also a way for the administration to communicate with you. The plan is completed one semester at a time, and you can always change your mind about future semesters until the registration deadlines February 1st/September 1st.

Student PC

Where do I get the password for the student PCs?
The password to the PCs and Canvas (same password!) can be picked up in study reception on the 3rd floor. Remember to activate your account and confirm that you agree with the IT rules at MF.

Can I change my password? How?
The password can be changed by logging in to a PC. Go in to students' intranet and pick “password” from the menu to the left.

I get an error message when I log in to the students intranet - do I need a new password?
To log in to the intranet, you must have activated your account and waited 30 minutes. Other than that, your password should work if you have not changed it yourself earlier. Check capital and lowercase letters, and the difference between the letter O and the number 0 (zero). If you have forgotten it, you can always retrieve the password, as described above.

How do I log into the wireless network with a laptop?
A printout of “directions” is found hanging outside the reading hall. If you have problems you can get help from IT-support in the library.

How do I use the computers or printing at MF?
For some basic information about how to use computers or Microsoft Word, you can have a look at these PowerPoint slides from our computer course for international students.


We refer our international students to Lånekassen's pages.



Upon completion of a study programme, you will be awarded a bachelor, master or phd degree according to the programme. The diplomas for master degrees will be presented in a graduation ceremony at the end of each semester, diplomas for bachelor degrees can be obtained from the student councellor of each programme.


What is Canvas?
Canvas is the electronic learning platform that MF uses. This is actively used, and it is important that our students are familiar with Canvas and its features.

Where do I find my password for Canvas?
At the student reception on the 3rd floor. You can also order a new print out by phone or email to student@mf.no 

Canvas student tutorial


Transcript of records can be ordered sent to your mail adress via StudentWeb. Use vitnemalsportalen.no for electronically signed pdf or for sharing your results with third party recipients (employers etc.).

Lost and Found

Where do I find left behind things?
You can check with reception on the 1st floor (ground floor). They do not store all the left behind things there. Everything that does not have a name on it and does not have a lot of value is kept in the basement. There are some shelves which contain a wide variety of things, and it is worth taking a look down there if you cannot find something, like your notes for a lecture. Things that are lost are kept on the 2nd floor for a while before they end up in the Lost and Found room in the basement.

Facilities of the MF building

  • Parking: Up to 5 parking spaces for handicap vehicles can be found by the main entrance, along the wall. It is possible to apply for a permanent parking place one semester at a time if you have a communal parking pass.

  • Entrance: Two entrances to the building. The main entrance (towards the music college) has automatic door openers. A new wheelchair ramp will be built at the main entrance with the planned repairing of the exterior access. The B-entrance (towards the States Work Environment Institute, Stami) leads to the Bi-elevator. Students that use a wheelchair , can receive a key card to the bi-entrance by appointment.

  • Elevator: There are two elevators in the building. The area in the main elevator is 110x160 cm. The opening width of the door is 91 cm. BI-elevator: area is 112x189 cm, and the opening width is 90 cm. Both the elevators are adapted with tactile and low buttons together with Braille on the floor buttons both on the inside and the outside.

  • Doors: The door to the library has automatic door openers. In connection with the rehabilitation further automatic doors will be installed. All the doors fulfill the required opening width, and there are not any high thresholds in the building.

  • Handicap-toilet: The building has two HC-toilets that can be reached by the elevator - a completely new, separate HC-toilet is located in the basement, available for students and visitors. In addition one of the toilets on the 4th floor was upgraded and extended for students with specific needs.

  • Classrooms: All rooms can be accessed by the elevator or ramp. There is a loop system in the largest and most used auditorium (aud. 1). The plan is to get this in auditorium 2 and 3.

  • Resting Room: A resting room, located in the basement. Reservation is done at the main reception on the 1st floor.

Microsoft Office software

All our students can now use Microsoft Office for free on their private PCs and on Mac. More information here.