In this course catalogue you can find detailed information about each course. Note that not all courses have information in English. For those courses, the Norwegian course information is shown instead.

NB! There may be changes in the course descriptions (including the course literature) and the exam dates before the start of the semester in question. If few students are registered for a course, there may be changes in the lecture and examination types.

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Courses that are taught in English spring 2019

   Level   Course code   Course name
MasterAVH5010Thesis for Master of Theology:
MasterAVH5015Thesis for Master of Theology:
MasterAVH5035Thesis for Master in Religion, Society and Global Issues:
BachelorEX1011Examen philosophicum
MasterMET5310Methodology: Texts and History
MasterMET5920Methodology: Practical and Systematic Disciplines
MasterSAM5144Religion and Human Rights
MasterSAM5148Ethics and Global Issues
MasterSAM5150Religion, Identity and Populism
BachelorTEOL1410Introduction to the History of Christianity
BachelorTEOL1812Digital Media in Ministry and Mission: Blogging
BachelorTEOL2640Church in the World: Denominations and Ecumenism
BachelorTEOL2715Bible 2: Old Testament, New Testament and Biblical Theology
BachelorTEOL2725Methods and Tools for Biblical Interpretation
MasterTEOL5640Theology and Church in the South